For the love of Chihuahuas!
We are the home of Heavenly Chihuahuas and the home of Heavenly Dog Obedience.  We teach group and online classes with our Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas.  It's important to take classes from someone who has toy dog experience.  Training a toy dog is totally different then training a large dog.  If you are interested in our dog obedience online or group classes, please click on the link 
Click on the link to see a trailer of our online dog obedience classes.

We show Chihuahuas in conformation, obedience and rally.  We used to breed for the love of Chihuahuas and the betterment of the breed.  I'm not saying I'll never breed again but for now we are leaving that to other responsible breeders.  We'd be happy to help you find a great Chihuahua from a responsible breeder.
Below was my statement when I was breeding just so you can see what we used to do.
  Our goal in breeding Chihuahuas is to reproduce Chihuahuas as close to the American Kennel Club's breed standard as possible.  We aspire to breed Chihuahuas that are sound in structure, temperament and health. 

All our Chihuahuas and other dogs are our children.  They live in the house with us.  The Chihuahuas sleep on the bed with us once they are potty trained.  Our dogs travel with us and are a part of our everyday lives.

When our Chihuahuas are newborns they are in a whelping box next to our bed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  After they start walking, we introduce them to the main part of the house in a playpen so that they get used to everyday house activities.  The babies then start getting used to a routine of up in the morning (not too early!) and back to bed at night.  Once they are weaned, we start crate training them.  They sleep in a crate on our nightstand so they can see us. This helps them learn to ask to potty and to start sleeping through the night.  We let Mom dog wean them when she feels it is appropriate.  She usually has them completely weaned by 9 or 10 weeks of age.  We do not let our babies go to a new home until after twelve weeks of age.  Chihuahuas are not like bigger pups, they are not mature enough to go home as early.  Never take a pup of any breed home before eight weeks.  There is an important imprinting process pups go through until eight weeks where they learn critical behavior from Mom dog and any littermates they may have.
When our Chihuahua pups go to a new home, they are crate trained, leash broke, socialized, and they have the beginnings of potty training to a potty pad or outside.

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